How to integrate with Next.JS (1-1 chats)

Hello i cant seem to find a way to implement this in Next.JS. Does anyone did this allreadt?

Message list api getting error message

Hello Team, I need to get user chats using of groupID. so I called the first group info API getting group information detail. { "status": "success", "generatedAt": 1643708215208, "response": { "id": 64467359, "clientGroupId": "1422_com.peerlink.bgs_152_com.peerlink.bgs_233", "name": "com.peerlink.bgs_233", "adminId": "com.peerlink.bgs_152", "memberUserKeys": [ "5d3011ff-67f4-42a3-a4f2-d86803caf5fc", "443a67c9-6f41-4656-ba76-18f4a1699075" ], "membersId": [ "com.peerlink.bgs_233", "com.peerlink.bgs_152" ], "removedMembersId": [], "unreadCount": 0, "type": 7, "createdAtTime": 1643264595126, "userCount": 2, "groupUsers": [ { "userId": "com.peerlink.bgs_233", "status": 0, "unreadCount": 0, "role": 3, "deleted": false }, { "userId": "com.peerlink.bgs_152", "status": 0, "unreadCount": 0, "role": 1, "deleted": false } ], "childKeys": [], "childClientGroupIds": [], "metadata": { "152": "com.peerlink.bgs_233", "233": "com.peerlink.bgs_152", "subject": "GK", "AL_CONTEXT_BASED_CHAT": "true", "title": "Testing ios notification issues query" }, "updatedAtTime": 1643264595152 } } i think this is groupID : "response": { "id": 64467359, correct me if i m wrong. after that when i called massageList api getting error like : array ( 'status' => 'error', 'errorResponse' => array ( 0 => array ( 'errorCode' => 'AL-GU-01', 'description' => 'User not found in Group', 'displayMessage' => 'unable to process', ), ), 'generatedAt' => 1643708152475, ) please gouid me


Hello Team, Hope you are doing well. i have integrated applozic sdk: "com.applozic.communication.message:mobicomkit:5.102.0" in my android app. But the issue is this method is not import Applozic.init(this, "") is not importing in my project. pls help me. how to resolve my issue. How to import this method. thanks & regards Honey

load conversation messages

is there a way to load a chat between two users? right now the only available function is messages.list({ userId: 'user1', pageSize: 50, }); which gives us the messages sent to the user. but how do we get a conversation between user1 and user2

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'isUserLogIn')

Hi, am using react native:0.63.4 version in my project. I followed the react-native SDK document from this link, for your Reference  (, I completed all the steps and while running the app got an error undefined ApplozicChat  and all the Applozic functions  Errors 1. TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'ApplozicChat') 2. TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'isUserLogIn') 3. TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'LogIn') 3. TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'openChat') 3. TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'Logout')

Integrate Full view chat in angular

How can I integrate fullview chat UI plugin in angular? I see below link and find out it contain html tag error somewhere. I did basic implementation and able to conversation chat popup.

What is the IP address are beign used to send webhook notification

Our inbound webhook service is private and we want to control inbound traffic and for that, we need an IP address from which webhook notifications are being sent.


hi When I create an application in the dashboard, I see the following options 1. Android 2. iOS 3. Web 4. Phone gap 5. Platform API I want to use the application 2 purposes, 1. web and 2. iOS - how can I do it? we are having app and PWA for the app. please advise

SDK 31

Helloy. When there will be support for sdk 31, I have every reason to believe that it is swearing at your library

Development Inquiries

Do you guys offer the service below? 1. Delete single and full chat for sender and receiver without seeing messages again after deletion 2. Group chatting: how many participants per group? 3. Reply to a specific chat with message attached in 1 and 1 chat and group 4. Can user change uploaded and or remove profile picture: group and 1:1. 5. Forward message 6. Share extension 7. Do you offer end to end chat encryption? 8. What is your file sharing extension limit? 9. What is your chat typing character limit for 1:1 and group? 10. Copy chats for group and 1:1 11. Sync with contact 12. offline