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Applozic-Cordova-Ionic-PhoneGap-Chat-Plugin Crash with Android and Ios

Hello, I contact you because I use Applozic for my website with Javascript SDK and it's working perfectly. I now developped the iOS and Android mobile apps and I would like to use your ADK for the chat. For Android, when I'm trying to use this function : applozic.launchChat(function() {}, function() {}); , the app is crashing and for iOS, I'm not able to upload the app on iTunes due this this error message : iTunes Store Operation Failed description length:6426193 iTunes Store Operation Failed ERROR ITMS-90087: "Unsupported Architectures. The executable for Make A contains unsupported architectures '[x86_64, i386]'." iTunes Store Operation Failed ERROR ITMS-90171: "Invalid Bundle Structure - The binary file 'Make A' is not permitted. Your app can’t contain standalone executables or libraries, other than a valid CFBundleExecutable of supported bundles. Refer to the Bundle Programming Guide at for information on the iOS app bundle structure." iTunes Store Operation Failed ERROR ITMS-90209: "Invalid Segment Alignment. The app binary at 'Make A' does not have proper segment alignment. Try rebuilding the app with the latest Xcode version." iTunes Store Operation Failed ERROR ITMS-90125: "The binary is invalid. The encryption info in the LC_ENCRYPTION_INFO load command is either missing or invalid, or the binary is already encrypted. This binary does not seem to have been built with Apple's linker." iTunes Store Operation Failed ERROR ITMS-90206: "Invalid Bundle. The bundle at 'Make A' contains disallowed file 'Frameworks'." iTunes Store Operation Failed WARNING ITMS-90080: "The executable 'Payload/Make A' is not a Position Independent Executable. Please ensure that your build settings are configured to create PIE executables. For more information refer to Technical Q&A QA1788 - Building a Position Independent Executable in the iOS Developer Library." Do you have any idea about my issue? Thank you in advance for your kind support. With best regards, Jerome

Posted by Jerome Mansbendel 3 years ago