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File attachment API is causing error

Hi, I am using the following API. const message = { type: 5, message: '', to: userId, metadata: {}, source: 1 }; Applozic.ALApiService.sendAttachment({ data: { file: file, messagePxy: message }, success: function (result) { }, error: function () { } }); And I am getting following error in we console: core.js:9110 ERROR ReferenceError: USER_DEVICE_KEY is not defined at Object.success (applozic.plugin-1.0.js:13) at [as __zone_symbol__ON_PROPERTYreadystatechange] (applozic.plugin-1.0.js:13) at XMLHttpRequest.wrapFn (zone-evergreen.js:1191) at ZoneDelegate.invokeTask (zone-evergreen.js:391) at Object.onInvokeTask (core.js:34176) at ZoneDelegate.invokeTask (zone-evergreen.js:390) at Zone.runTask (zone-evergreen.js:168) at ZoneTask.invokeTask [as invoke] (zone-evergreen.js:465) at invokeTask (zone-evergreen.js:1603) at XMLHttpRequest.globalZoneAwareCallback (zone-evergreen.js:1629) It is calling following API internally: And getting response as follows: After that it is throwing the error. Can you help me here as soon as possible.

Posted by Bhagyashree 5 months ago