App Module

You can create modules in Applozic dashboard. Go to Edit Application -> Push Notifications -> Modules.
First is the default module. You can create a new module for the second app and configure push notification certificate for that.

On the device side, you will have to set the app module during the user login call. In ALChatManager file inside the method -(void)ALDefaultChatViewSettings or defaultChatViewSettings
add the following code:

[ALUserDefaultsHandler setAppModuleName:@"<APP_MODULE_NAME>"];


Please note that if any given user is using both the apps then chat notifications and chat data will show up in both the apps together. App Module is suited for cases where one type of user uses the first app and another type of user uses the second app. For example, in a car marketplace, Car Dealer is using Dealers app and buyers are using Consumer app.

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