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Platform Chat APIs Integration guide



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Explore Platform Chat API's as Application Admin or as Application User.
These APIs allow to directly connect to the Applozic Cloud Messaging Backend Server.


Application Admin

Application admin is the user who has done signup in Applozic dashboard .

Apz-AppIdApplication key got in Applozic dashboard for which admin want to call API.
Apz-TokenApz-Token is used for authentication purpose. Authentication is done using Basic Authentication. It is a combination of the base64 value of email & password.
Basic Base64Encode of email:password
Example: Basic amFja0BnbWFpbC5jb206MTIzNDU2
Of-User-IdOn behalf of which Application Admin want to call the API

For Application Admin sends following authentication headers with each API call to explore platform API's. A request should contain these headers:


Note: Pass Of-User-Id header only where it is required, it is specified in the API details.

Example- If the email of the admin(Logged in Applozic Dashboard) is [email protected] and password is 123456 then the header will be:

Apz-TokenBasic amFja0BnbWFpbC5jb206MTIzNDU2

Application User

All request from Device must contain following headers:

Application-KeyYour Application Key
AuthorizationAuthentication is done using Basic Authentication. It is a combination of the base64 value of userId & deviceKey.
Basic Base64Encode of userId:deviceKey
Example: Basic cm9iZXJ0OjA5YzVkODY5LTZkMzgtNGQ2Yi05ZWJmLTlkZTE2Y2RhYjE3Ng==
Device-KeyDevice key is received when application user does registration using register/client API. Use Device-Key to create Authorization Code and send Device-Key also in the request header.

Example- If the userId is robert and deviceKey is 09c5d869-6d38-4d6b-9ebf-9de16cdab176, then the authorization code will be:

AuthorizationBasic cm9iZXJ0OjA5YzVkODY5LTZkMzgtNGQ2Yi05ZWJmLTlkZTE2Y2RhYjE3Ng==


Note: Additional header Access-Token is also required if the user password is set in Applozic.

Access-Tokenuser password


Note: Headers are required in each API call except user registration .ie register/client API.

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Platform Chat APIs Integration guide

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