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Email and SMS Fallback

Email and SMS Fallback Configuration Guide

Login to Applozic

Go to Dashboard -> Application List -> Action -> Edit -> SMS/Email Fallback

Fallback comes for 2 types of messages:

  • Undelivered messages
  • Unread messages
    Select Email, SMS or both for the fallback implementation on any of the fallbacks.
    Configure the "Fallback time" after which the event will be triggered.

Let's take an example of Undelivered Message:
Message Fallback Time is the duration in which if a message is not delivered to end user then the message will be delivered through email and SMS as a fallback. For message fallback, our API requires receiver user email which needs to pass during registration and also you have to configure message delivery fallback time in the dashboard for your app.

Video tutorial on how to configure in dashboard

For example, if you have configured "Undelivered messages" to "Mail" with 10 mins as "Fallback time". Now, if user A sends a message to user B and user B is not connected to internet or don't have app installed on the mobile then after 10 mins, a mail will be triggered to user B with the message text.



When the user receives first fallback email, then a separate email is also sent to SUBSCRIBE to the email chat notifications. The user needs to subscribe to email alerts in order to get further email notifications from Applozic.

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Email and SMS Fallback

Email and SMS Fallback Configuration Guide

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