Flutter conversations

A conversation is a "chat" between two users. Broadly it can be 1-to-1 or group.
A 1-to-1 conversation can be identified by the user-id of the user you are having the conversation with.
A group conversation can be identified by a group-id.

Launch main conversation screen

This pre-built scene will have all your conversations:


Launch a conversation with a specific user (1-to1)


Note: If a 1-to-1 conversation doesn't exist, a new one will be created internally and launched even if the user doesn't exist.

Launch a group conversation

                        .then((value) =>
                            print("Launched successfully : " + value))
                        .catchError((error, stack) {
                      print("Unable to launch group : " + error.toString());

Note: If a group conversation doesn't exist, an error will be returned.

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