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Changing Applozic's default theme

Go to your YOUR-PROJECT/android/app/src/main/res/values/colors.xml file and paste the below color and change the values of applozic_theme_color_primary and applozic_theme_color_primary_dark

<color name="applozic_theme_color_primary">#FF03A9F4</color>
    <color name="applozic_theme_color_primary_dark">#FF0288D1</color>

Applozic customization json settings

  • Applozic provides an easy to customise setting for changing the colors/text/background of different icons and layouts. Download theapplozic-settings.json file from here and add it in YOUR-PROJECT/android/app/src/main/assets directory. If the directory does not exists, create it. Refer here for the attributes and customisation you can do using applozic-settings.json file.




When using the AppLogic Flutter Plugin in your app, you need to open the iOS/Runner.xcworkpsace file in Xcode to do the customizations as this plugin uses CocoaPods.

To customize Applozic settings for iOS, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the ios/Runner.xcworkspace in Xcode.

  2. Create (if not present) a file by the name of ApplozicWrapper.swift at ios/Runner. Add the code given here to it.

  3. Right click on your Runner target name in Xcode -> Add files to "Runner" -> Select the ApplozicWrapper.swift file created in step 2.
    Ignore if this file is already added. If your app does not have the Bridging header file, Xcode will show a dialog to add the file, click Yes.

  4. If your Flutter iOS project is in Objective-c then follow step 4 else ignore if your project is Swift

  • Click on YourApp in Xcode and select Build Settings -> Build Options -> Always Embed Swift
    Standard Libraries -> Yes

  • Open AppDelegate.m file and add the below import (Ignore if already done):

#import "Runner-Swift.h"
  1. Open the ApplozicWrapper.swift add the following code at the bottom :
@objc func useCustomConfigurations() {
   // To apply the configuration use the ALChatManager.defaultConfiguration 
   // Example in below im setting the background color for chat detail screen
   // ALChatManager.defaultConfiguration.backgroundColor =
  • Then in ApplozicWrapper.swift file find the method didFinishLaunchingWithOptions add the
    below code just below the registerForNotification() :
  • In the ApplozicWrapper.swift file and add the configurations you want to customise inside the function. Refer this doc for different configurations provided by ApplozicSwift SDK.

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