Web Chat Core SDK

Create group

const result = await client.groups.create({
  groupName: 'group name',
  groupImage: 'group image url',
  groupMembers: ['userId of contact', 'userId of contact'],

Add user to group

const result = await client.groups.addUserToGroup({
  userId: 'userId of contact',
  clientGroupId: 'groupId of group',
  role: 1, // 1 = ADMIN, 2 = MODERATOTR, 3 = MEMBER

Remove group member

const result = await client.groups.removeUserFromGroup({
  userId: 'userId of contact',
  clientGroupId: 'groupId of group',

Leave group

const result = await client.groups.leaveGroup({
  clientGroupId: 'groupId of group to leave',

Delete group

const result = await client.groups.deleteGroup({
  clientGroupId: 'groupId of group to delete',
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