Chat APIs and In-app Messaging SDKs for Developers

Applozic provides Chat APIs and In-app Messaging SDKs for Android, iOS and Web apps to power cross-device, multi-platform rich messaging.
Find comprehensive guides and platform-specific Chat API documentation to get started with In-app Messaging.

Get Started    


Install Chat on NativeScript

Install chat plugin

You can install the plugin in your existing nativescript project by running the following command

tns plugin add

If you get an error installing from github, follow the below steps:

  • Clone the plugin:
git clone
  • Add the plugin from the cloned directory:
    For e.g if the plugin is cloned in Users/username/Documents directory, you can run the following command:
tns plugin add Users/username/Documents/Applozic-NativeScript-Chat-Plugin/src

What's Next