React Native customization


Changing Applozic's default theme

Go to your YOUR-PROJECT/android/app/src/main/res/values/colors.xml file and paste the below color and change the values of applozic_theme_color_primary and applozic_theme_color_primary_dark

<color name="applozic_theme_color_primary">#FF03A9F4</color>
    <color name="applozic_theme_color_primary_dark">#FF0288D1</color>

Applozic customization json settings

Applozic provides an easy to customise setting for changing the colors/text/background of different icons and layouts. Download theapplozic-settings.json file from here and add it in YOUR-PROJECT/android/app/src/main/assets directory. If the directory does not exists, create it. Refer here for the attributes and customisation you can do using applozic-settings.json file.


We provide various UI settings to customize chat view. You can add these settings in ALDefaultChatViewSettings method in the ALChatManager file.

  1. Open your project from `YOUR-PROJECT/ios/YOUR_PROJETC.xcworkspace then search for a file ALChatManager.m file your project once its opened find method -(void)ALDefaultChatViewSettings

  2. Follow this link for doing customize settings change

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