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React Native Overview

This article gives you an overview of the steps involved in integrating the Applozic React Native library.

  1. The first step is the Installation process that involves the addition of the Applozic React Native library to your project. There are different ways to do it. Check out the detailed steps for installation here.

  2. Once the installation is completed, proceed to the next step, Authentication. Here, the authentication of your users needs to be performed before they can begin using any messaging feature. Check out our Authentication section for the detailed steps.

  3. The next step deals with the implementation of Conversations. If you'd like to create a new conversation or show the list of conversations a user is already part of, this is the section to check.

  4. One of the most important steps in this whole process is Push Notification setup. You can only receive real-time messages and notifications after setting up this feature. Here, you would be required to upload your APNS certificates on Applozic Dashboard, and update the FCM/GCM Server Key from Firebase account to your Applozic application.
    In addition, you need to add push notification capability in your project by going to Capabilities section in Xcode. Once this setup is complete, you will be able to receive the push notification in your app. Check out the detailed steps here.

You can go here and check all our sections. In case of any queries or issues during integration, please check out our support page for help.

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React Native Overview

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