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Enabling Text logging

If you are facing any issue in the Applozic Android SDK then you should contact us and share as much information as you can. One of the most important in that is logs. We will describe in this article how easy it is to share the logs and the other information.

The SDK prints the logs on logcat for the debug build but its volatile and may cause confusion as in what to send from the logcat. Applozic provides a setting to enable the text logging. Text logging writes all the logs to a text file on the device which you can send to any email address later. Enable the setting as below:


Sending the logs

You can send the logs by clicking the "Send Logs" option in the option menu of the conversation list screen. Below is the screenshot for the send log option:

By default clicking the option will send the log file to the default email address of applozic support([email protected]). If you want to send the log file to other email address or someone from applozic requests the log file to their email address, you can change the emailID using the below setting:

ALSpecificSettings.getInstance(context).setSupportEmailId("[email protected]");

Enabling logging for release build

Sometimes you are not allowed to share your debug APK due to security reasons and the log file may not contain the information we might be looking for. In this case you can enable the logging for release build and then send your release APK to applozic support. Enable the logging in release build using the below setting:


Make sure to disable this setting before distributing your app either on playstore or any other platform. The SDK will warn you on the chat screen if you have enabled this setting in the release build.


Where to place this setting code?

You can place the code in any screen wherever you are sure it will be called atleast once. The best place would be to call it in onSuccess of applozic login. In this case you will have to logout/login or uninstall the app and install again on the device in order for the setting to reflect. Make sure to remove this setting code from your app before going live.

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