Pushnotification Troubleshooting

Push notification troubleshooting guide

Not receiving a notification when the app is in background/killed state

Applozic sends notification using 2 services FCM in android, APNs in IOS and MQTT.

MQTT/FCM/APNs works when the app is in the foreground if the app is in the background or killed state then notifications come via FCM/APNs.

If you are not receiving a notification when the app is in the background/killed state, it means your FCM/APNs setup isn't configured properly.

Configure the notification set up by referring to the below sections:




We use FCM in Android and APNs in iOS(we do not use FCM in iOS).

Most repeated errors

Test the notification set up using this link and you will get the status code as per the configuration you have done in the above section.

Most repeated errors are explained below;

Status: Not valid

Android: This error comes when “Registration token” is not coming to Applozic server. Click here to see how to generate the registration token.

Registration Token: An ID generated by the FCM SDK for each client app instance. Required for a single device and device group messaging

iOS: APNS Device token is not coming from the device. Check here the code that you need to add in your project.

Status: MismatchSenderID

SenderID is a unique numerical value created when you create your Firebase project, available in the Cloud Messaging tab of the Firebase console Settings pane. The sender ID is used to identify each sender that can send messages to the client app.

This error comes where there is a mismatch between Firebase and your local "google-services.json", verify that both manifests match in Firebase console.

Go to "YourProject > Project OverView > Cloud Messaging" you'll see the "SenderID" which MUST match with the "google-services.json" in your Android project.

Go to the following URL to see how to verify the Server Key which is uploaded to Applozic dashboard: https://docs.applozic.com/docs/android-push-notification#section--setup-fcm-push-notification-code-in-your-android-app-


For more STATUS codes, please refer to the following article

Notification error codes and explanations

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