• Navigate to User Registration.
  • Enter your userId and applicationId in body params and hit the API.
  • The user will be registered and you'll get the following response:
  "userKey": "2e2636e7-eb27-4150-8145-3fd24bb7dcb7",
  "deviceKey": "197f4af2-3ddc-4147-acd0-bed4ae617",
  "userId": "sampleuser",
  "displayName": "sampleuser",
  "lastSyncTime": 1517816169409,
  "currentTimeStamp": 1517816169398,
  "deactivate": false,
  "brokerUrl": "tcp://apps.applozic.com:8080",
  "pricingPackage": 11,
  "totalUnreadCount": 0,
  "roleType": 3,
  "metadata": {},
  "newUser": true
  • Copy the deviceKey value from response and use it to encode the userId:deviceKey in Base64Encode as instructed in the Application User Authentication page.
  • Use this encoded value in the Authorization field as shown below:
  • Also enter your App ID in the Application-Key field.
  • Now you can try the APIs using the Try It button available in the API Explorer.
  • The headers will be saved for the current session. You'll need to enter it again if the page is reloaded.


You can also use your existing user's headers if you don't want to register a new user here. :)