Use this API to get the messsages


  1. If no user id or group id is passed to the API then this API returns the latest message of the calling user with each user or group which the user has chat with.
  2. If the user id is passed then API return the messages between the calling user and specified user.
  3. If the group id is passed the API returns the messages of the specified group.

Request Parameter Description:

userIdNoUser Id of the user whose respective chat messages user want to fetch.
groupIdNoGroup Id of the group for which messages need to be fetched.
startIndexYes0Starting Index to fetch messages from the list.
mainPageSizeYesNumber of user's chat thread to load while launching/initialize chat.
pageSizeYes50It will fetch the number of messages in a single chat thread.
endTimeNoPass the oldest time from the fetched messages to load older messages


Application Bot

  • In case of Application Bot calling the API, Of-User-Id header is required. Of-User-Id is the userId of the user on behalf of which application bot wants to get the message list.
  • To load more older messages in list pass endTime parameter with oldest message time received in messages list.

In Case of Error :

errorIn case of any exception or error contact [email protected]
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